Asmiati, Asmiati and Assiyatun, H and Baskoro, Edy Tri (2010) Locating-Chromatic Number of Amalgamation of Stars. Locating-Chromatic Number of Amalgamation of Stars, 43 (1). pp. 1-8.

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Let G be a connected graph and c a proper coloring of G . For i=1,2,...,k define the color class Ci as the set of vertices receiving color i . The color code cΠ(v) of a vertex v in G is the ordered k-tuple 1 (d(v,C1),...,d(v,Ck)) where d(v,Ci) is the distance of v to Ci . If all distinct vertices of G have distinct color codes, then c is called a locating-coloring of G . The locating-chromatic number of graph G , denoted by XL(G) is the smallest k such that G has a locating coloring with k colors. In this paper we discuss the locating-chromatic number of amalgamation of stars Sk,m , Sk,m is obtained from k copies of star KL,m by identifying a leaf from each star. We also determine a sufficient condition for a connected subgraph k ,m H  S satisfying XL(H) <= XL(Sk,m).

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