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Important Information

This institutional repository is dedicated to diseminate all UNILA's publications.For all Academic Members of University of Lampung, please send your Journal Articles, Seminar Proceeding articles, thesis, disertation, and all your scientific publication to the following email address: to be included in the website ( document you send to the above email address should be in MS Word (.doc), Power Point (.ppt), Acrobat (.pdf), poscript (.ps), or scan documents in PDF or JPG.


While utmost care has been taken to provide as authentic and accurate information as possible with regards to this repository archive, University of Lampung disclaim any responsibility or liability from any incidental errors. Users also assume the sole responsibility for use of any content appearing on University of Lampung repository.

While content from this archive can be freely downloaded for purposes of academic teaching and research, redistribution or hosting of full-text content in any retrieval system for profit is strictly prohibited.

Submission Policy concerning depositors, quality & copyright

1.       Items may only be deposited by academic staff, lecturer, and employees University of Lampung

2.       Authors may only submit their own work for archiving.

3.       Authors will responsibility for any material submitted to repository,

4.       Eligible depositors must deposit bibliographic metadata for all their publications.

5.       Eligible depositors must deposit full texts of all their publications.

6.       Submitted items are not vetted by the administrator.

7.       The validity and authenticity of the content of submissions is not checked.

8.       Items can be deposited at any time, but will not be made publicly visible until any publishers' or funders' embargo period has expired.

9.       Any copyright violations are entirely the responsibility of the authors/depositors.

Contact Information

Any correspondence concerning this specific repository should be sent to