Sialdian, Dicky and Noviany, Noviany and Setiawan, Andi OPTIMASI PEMISAHAN EKSTRAK METANOL KULIT BATANG TUMBUHAN BINAHONG (Anredera cordifolia) SECARA MPLC. Prosiding Seminar Nasional METODE KUANTITATIF 2017. ISSN 978-602-98559-3-7

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Indonesia is a tropical country and has the overall biodiversity of more than 500,000. Multifaceted of these, about more than 100,000 secondary metabolites successfully acquired and developed the discovery of compounds that are clinically proven drugs have an important role in the treatment of human disease. Plants binahong (Anrederacordifolia) is a known medicinal plants traditionally can cope with various kinds of diseases. Binahong plant belongs to the family Besellacae potential to be researched and developed. This research aims to optimize the process of separation of the methanol extract of bark of plants binahong by fractionation using a technique Medium Pressure Liquid Chromathography (MPLC). Results fractionation that provides good separation pattern then testing Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC). Selection is based on the methanol extract of phytochemical screening has been done before and give a positive test indicates flavonoids and phenolic and antioxidant properties. Besides the separation of the methanol extract easier and better than the extract of n-hexane and ethyl acetate using RP-C18 column. Optimization results are MPLC fractionation of methanol extract obtained using an eluent mixture of methanol: water with a solvent composition of each of the 7: 3 and give a major peak fractions ranging from 4 to 17 with a retention time (rt) are different. TLC chromatogram profile results with the eluent n-hexane: ethanol (7: 3) also indicates the type of phenolic compounds is polar and is UV active. Until now, fractionation and purification of the methanol extract with MPLC method still continued.

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