Susiana, susiana and Caswita, Caswita and Noer, Sri Hastuti Ethnomathematics: Mathematical concepts in Tapis Lampung. Journal of Physics: Conference Series.


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The existence of ethnomatematics has existed since long ago. This is seen from various mathematical concepts that have become part of the life and traditions of society. One of them is contained in tapis Lampung. Tapis Lampung has motifs and patterns that describe the philosophy of Lampung people. Each motif has meaning and symbol in the pattern of cultural life. The process of developing Tapis Lampung has had a major impact on the economy of the community and significantly increased the potential of cultural tourism in exploring the wealth of the Indonesian art heritage. This process of introducing culture in a mathematical perspective better known as ethnomatematics. This concept has become the basis of society in using mathematics in life. This study aims to examine the philosophy contained in motifs of tapis and analyze the mathematical concept to find an ethnomatematics approach in mathematics learning. in various types of tapis Lampung including: Tapis Cucuk Pinggir, Tapis Jung Sarat, Tapis Limar Sekebar. Mathematics concept include One-Dimentional Geometry and Two-Dimentional Geometry, Geometry Transformation includes: concepts of reflection, dilation and rotation.

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Subjects: L Education > LB Theory and practice of education > LB2300 Higher Education
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