Dewi, Bainah Sari and Winarno, Gunardi Djoko and Hilmanto, Rudi and Iswandaru, Dian (2016) ROLE OF BIRD SPECIES ON FOOD SECURE (STUDY CASE IN LAMPUNG MANGROVE CENTRE LAMPUNG PROVINCE INDONESIA). pengelolaan hutan berbasis KPH untuk keberlanjutan produksi, ekologi,dan sosial ekonomi budaya masyarakat. pp. 1-8.


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Abstract Lampung Mangrove Centre in Margasari village Labuhan Maringgai Subdistrict Lampung Timur District, Lampung Province, Indonesia is one of model of mangrove forests management by the community. This location is a conservation site, which serves as the region as a center for nature and environmental education in the marine and coastal in Lampung Timur district. The purpose of this study was to determine the role of the birds on Food Secure in mangrove forest on May 2016 in Margasari village Labuhan Maringgai subdistrict Lampung Timur District, Lampung Province, Indonesia. The method used in this research was line transects. The results showed 20 species of birds in Lampung Mangrove Centre and every birds have role to the environment, such as (1) the potential role as a pest of rice consist of Lonchura punctulata, Passer montanus, (2) role as pollinators : Antheptes malacensis, (3) predator role as agricultural pests : Ardeola speciosa, Ardea purpurea, Egretta grazetta, and Bubulcus ibis, (4) the role of controllers makrobenthos : Ardea sumatrana, (5) the role of population controllers of insect : Halcyon pileata, Orthotomus ruficeps, Lalage nigra, Butorides striatus, Hirundo rustica, Collocalia esculenta, (6) the role of controllers crustaceae and nemathode : Charadrius alexandrines, Tringa hypoleucos, Numenius madagascariensis and (7) the role of controllers of fish : Haliartus leucogaster, Egretta intermedia, Phalacrocorax sulcirostris.

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