Rizal, Samsul and Suharyono, Suharyono and Nurainy, Fibra and Merliyanisa, Merliyanisa (2020) PENGARUH GLUKOSA DAN JAHE MERAH TERHADAP KARAKTERISTIK MINUMAN PROBIOTIK DARI KULIT NANAS MADU. Jurnal Teknologi Industri & Hasil Pertanian, 25 (2). pp. 110-119. ISSN ISSN 1410-3044 (print) and ISSN 2304-4399 (online)

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The availability of sufficient energy sources to grow lactic acid bacteria and spices addition can influence probiotic drinks' characteristics. This study aimed to study the effect of glucose and red ginger extract on honey pineapple skin probiotic drinks' characteristics. This study used a Complete Randomized Block Design (RCBD) with two factors. The first factor was glucose concentration, namely 1%, 2%, 3%, and 4% w/v, while the second factor was the concentration of red ginger extract, namely 0%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5% (v/v). The data were analyzed using variance analysis (ANOVA), and the differences between means were determined using the orthogonal polynomials. The results showed that glucose increased total lactic acid bacteria and pH, but decreased the preference score of taste, color, and overall reception, but did not affect those of honey pineapple probiotic juice extract's aroma. The red ginger extract increased the taste, aroma, color, and overall acceptance scores, but did not affect the pH and total lactic acid bacteria of pineapple probiotic drinks. The best probiotic drink was from 2% glucose, and 3% red ginger extract, which had 1.3 x 109 colony lactic acid bacteria /mL; total lactic acid 0.63%; pH 3.69; somewhat like taste, somewhat like aroma; and somewhat like overall reception.

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Date Deposited: 02 Oct 2020 01:05
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