Amnawaty, S.H., M.H (2018) The Settlement of Al-Murabahah Non Performing Financing (NPF) (Case Study in PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri, Tbk , Bandar Lampung Branch). International Conferenference Global Wisdom 2017. ISSN 978-602-142376-3

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Islamic bank serves as a financial institution that collects funds from the community and redistributed the funds to the community based on sharia principles. Not only for Muslims, with the universality of islamic bank, non-Muslims can also apply for financing or access other bank service products from islamic bank. Al-Murabahah financing to debtor is one of the services of islamic bank. The meaning of Al-Murabahah itself is a financing by the bank to the debtor in a buying and selling transaction process, which if the debtor does not have the capital to transact directly with the seller of goods (suppliers), the debtor can make a sale and purchase process with the payment suspension (in installments) through the intermediary of islamic bank. The financing provided by such islamic bank certainly has the risks so that in its implementation, the bank must apply prudential principles. Nevertheless, Non Performing Financing (NPF) of islamic bank is still present even still in low percentages. This research aims to obtain a complete, detailed and systematic description of the efforts handled by PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri, Tbk Branch of Bandar Lampung to Al-Murabahah Non Peforming Financing (NPF). This research is normative law research by using descriptive method. The problem approach is done by applied process study and using secondary data. The data obtained than analyzed qualitatively. The result of this research shows that the requirements of Al-Murabahah Financing Agreement in PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri, Tbk Branch of Bandar Lampung are differentiated based on productive (investment) and consumptive objectives. Procedures that must be passed by the prospective debtor is the application stage, the investigation stage, the financing analyses stage, the financing decision stage, the disbursement stage and the supervision stage (monitoring). The factors causing Al-Murabahah Non Performing Financing (NPF) itself consists of internal bank factors, internal debtor factors, and external factors. The efforts taken to handle the Non Performing Financing (NPF) by PT. Bank Syariah Mandiri, Tbk Branch of Bandar Lampung are divided into 2 parts, which are the financing rescue and the financing completion. Both rescue effort and completion effort resulting the realization of the Al-Murabahah Non Performing Financing (NPF) settlement.

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