ujang suparman, suparman and herry yufrizal, yufrizal and Herpratiwi, Herpratiwi Goofings in translation by undergraduate students. In: engaging learners in higher education, 21-23 November 2011, Melaka.


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the aim of the research is to investigate strategies use by students taking part in translation class. the strategies which are frequently considered "errors" but in fact show their tactics to overcome their problem at hand. the participants of the research comprised 50 undergraduated students taking a translation course at Lampung University, Indonesia. The research last for four months in 2010 during the lecturing hours. The researcher was one of translation lecturer not only at diploma program but also at a graduate program where the two programs run a translation course. The research is qualitative by nature. a protocol analysis was used a major data collecting instrument. Other instruments were obserrvation and interviews. The participants were assigned to translate various text of different genres after they were trained on how to translate ideas from a source language into a target language. the protocols were then coded and analyzed to identify what kinds of goofing while the participants were on the process of translation or disscussion of their translation with their peers. Interview was intended to get the data on how they translated, why they translated in the way analysis-based data. the findings show that majority of goofing that the participants committed was developmental. such kind of goofing can be easily eradicated by exposure and appropriate training role in minimizing their goofing. Therefore, the lectures of translation are suggested that they should provide a lot of exposure and appropriate training on how to translate communicatively. they are also suggested that they should provide feedback for every transition assigment or work to the participants so that they could take benefits from such feedback.

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