dwi yulianti, yulianti and Herpratiwi, Herpratiwi and agustina ellyana, ellyana The development of curriculum aspects. In: International seminar on electronic and mobile learning, 8 Agustus 2016, Jakarta.

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Achievement of the objectives of lectures by Degeng (1989) was influenced by variable conditions and learning systems. Variable conditions include: 1) the characteristics of students, 2) subjects, and 3) problems. Student characteristics S2 in PPs TP FKIP Unila have a variety S1 graduation. There are from S1 medicine, obstetrics, pure Mathematics, economics, education and others. Behind the diversity there is in common work setting S2 students who study at TP FKIP Unila PPs, that similarity is their work in the field of education. This means that there are differences in prior knowledge S2 students to take a course in curriculum development and learning system. Differences initial knowledge in a lecture needs to be addressed, including through the provision of assistance to students who do not come from the S1 education to be able to take the classes in accordance with the contract that has been set. The next condition variable is a characteristic of the course curriculum development and learning system. Characteristics of the course curriculum development and learning system for S2 students of TP FKIP Unila, in contrast to the same subject in different PPs. The specificity of the core subjects is unification hierarchies, structural and combination of curriculum, development, and its relation to the learning system. That requires a device that is able to accommodate the characteristics of the lecture content as intended. Based on objective analysis of lectures, student characteristics and characteristics variable subjects, concluded needed learning tools for curriculum development with an initial knowledge about curriculum content and its relation to learning systems, development presented by the hierarchy, structural and composite. The aspect of learning as defined had not yet available. That requires the development of learning aspects that can achieve the course objectives to the fullest. The research objective is to develop aspects appropriate in learning curriculum development with student characteristics S2 TP FKIP Unila, the characteristics of the course itself and the existing constraints. To achieve the goal of the development is done using a model of R & D which consists of the stages include product trials. Activities include individual and small group testing, field testing and dissemination in Lampung province. Development produces textbooks that have content validity appropriate for lectures, reading level, the attractiveness of the good category.

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