Ahmad, Zaenudin and Wawan G.A. Kadir, WGA Kadir and Djoko Santoso, DjS and Doddy Abdassah, DA and Yustin Kamah, YK (2010) Determination of Negative Density changes in the Kamojang Geothermal Field using TimeLaPse MicrogravitY AnalYsis. Proceeding World Geothermal Congress 2010.

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Cround defonnations and gravity changes rvere tnesured in order 10 study density distribution changes caused by the production and re-injection into the Karnojang geothennal ieseru'oir, In the last two years (2006-2007) we conducted two elevation measuremenls, in July 2006 and July 2007 In addition. we carried out three microgravity surveys' in June 2006, Novetrber 2006 and July 2007. The gravity stations were located at 88 benchrnarks to cover the sunr'ey area' From those three maps we have already made two tlmelapse rnicrogtavity anorraly change n-taps, covering the periods ofJune-November 2006 and June 2006-Ju1y 2007' Gravity effects due to density change in the reservotr (caused by production/re-injection) were obtained by coffecting the measured gravity anomalies of the gravitational effect to vertical gtound rnovements isubsidence) and ground waler level changes. Gravify anomaly measured on the surface due to elevation change has a positive value for elevation lowering (subsidence) and the gravity change is approximately 3 pGal for 1 cm elevation change. Graviry anomaly related to dynatnic groundwater was corected by a stripping frlter. By using inversion methods, a map of density distribution changes has been produced during this period.

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