Aeny, Titik Nur (2010) Effect of Trichoderma isolates on in vitro growth of Ganoderma boninense, the causal agent of foot rot disease of oil palm ((Elaeis guineensis). In: SEMINAR NASIONAL KERAGAMAN HAYATI TANAH – I, 20-30 Juni 2010, Bandar Lampung.

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This research was aimed to study the effectivity of Trichoderma isolates to suppress in vitro growth of Ganoderma boninense, the causal agent of foot rot disease of oil palm. The study was conducted at the Laboratory of Plant Disease College of Agriculture University of Lampung, from March to July 2009. Treatments were arranged in completely randomized design. Treatments consisted of isolates of T. viride, T. harzianum and T. koninggi from two different sources: oil palm and rubber fields, and one control. The assay for growth inhibition was performed on PDA medium by a dual culture method. Both the isolates of Trichoderma and Ganoderma were inoculated dually on PDA medium in Petri dishes 2-2.5 cm apart. The inhibition of actively growing Ganoderma by Trichoderma on PDA plates was quantified as the distance of radial growth in centimeters. The cultures were incubated at room temperature, and growth of Ganoderma towards and away from Trichoderma was allowed for 7 days incubation for each of four replicates. The percentage inhibition of the Ganoderma growth was calculated using the following formula: 100 * (R1 - R2) / R1. Data of percentage inhibition were analyzed with analyses of variance continued with LSD test. The results showed that T. harzianum isolated from oil palm rhizosphere and T. koningii isolated from rubber field provided a statistically significant percentage of inhibition growth of G. boninense. However, the percentage of inhibition growth of both isolates was not significantly different from the other tested isolates.

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