Hartanto, Rofandi and Lanyas, Budtanto and -, Tamrin (2013) KARAKTERISTlK FISIOLOGI MANGGIS (Garcinia Mangostana L.) DALAM PENYIMPANAN ATMOSFER TERMODIFIKASI. Teknik Pertanian Lampung, 2 (1).


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Mangcsteen is a klimateric /ru,lt so it has a short shelf life, Therefore, it is needed to handle carefully after harvesting. Temperature setting combined with modified atmosphere is a t;ype of stor119e which can decrease the respiration rate of fruit This research aims a.t determining the effect of modified gas tomposition on rota/ dissolved solids, total acid, hardness, respiration rate, and shelf life of manqosteen in the cald temperature and the room temperature storage. The research was carried out at room temperature {29 •CJ and cold temperature (1 O •CJ combin'e.d with a gas composition of pure COz ga,s and air frpm a compressor containing 02 and N2 supplied to the srorage bottle with composition of A (5% O,, 5% CO,}, .8 {10% Oz, 5% COz}, C (S.% Oz. 10% CO,}, D {10% 01, 10% COz}. Total dissolved solid of mangosteen during sooroge wqs decreased, with the lowest total diss.olved solids wqs 16,6 obn» ,n the cold storage. an(f 16,7 •brix ot room temperature st.orage. Total acid and respirauon rate of mangosteen was stable decresed during soorage. The hardness of mangosteen during storoge increased Witli the highest value of 3,20 kg.s/mm. Mango.steen optimal shelf life at room temperature (29 •C) was 16 days and at cold temperatures {10 •CJ was 20 days with gas composition of 5% O~ and 10% CO,. Modified atmosphere combined with temperature could extend the shelf life of mangosteen and influened the value of total dissolved solids, total acid, respiration rate and hardness. Keywords: Mangosteen, respiration, climateric, shelflife

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