Salam, Abdul Kadir (2000) A Four Year Study on the Effects of Manipulated Soil pH and Organic Matter Contents on Availabilities of Industrial-Waste-Origin Heavy-Metals in Tropical Soils. Journal of Tropical Soils, 6 (1). pp. 31-46. ISSN 0852-257X


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Heavy metal toxicities and availabilities to plants are reported to be greatly affected by some soil master properties. This paper is a summary of a four year study to evaluate the effects of manipulated soil pH and organic matter contents on the changes in the availabilities of industrial-waste-origin heavy metals in four different tropical soils. Soils with manipulated pH and organic matter contents were treated with model and industrial wastes containing appreciated amounts of heavy metals. Changes in availabilities of heavy metals were directly measured by analyzing the treated soils after incubation in laboratory and analyzing glasshouse and field growing amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor L.) and corm (Zea mays L) plants. The results clearly showed that calcite (CaCO3) and/or cassava-leaf compost were better than other lime and/or organic materials in lowering heavy metal availabilities in soil systems. However, the degree of their effects were greatly dependent on heavy metals and soil types. In general, Soil of Banjaragung/Sri Bawono (Alfisols) showed the highest adsorption capacity, followed by soil of Gedongmeneng/Sidosari (Oxisols) and Tanjungan (Ultisols). Adsorption capacity of soil of Gisting (Inceptisols) could not be enhanced by addition of lime and/or compost, even though its adsorption capacity with respect to heavy metals was relatively high. The degree of the decrease in heavy metal availabilities by lime and/or cassava-leaf compost treatments was also greatly dependent on the levels of the added materials. In general, cassava-leaf compost additions at higher levels tended to redissolve heavy metals if added at higher levels of lime (>2.5 ton ha-1). Calcite and/or cassava-leaf compost showed positive effects on plant growth in soils contaminated with heavy metals from wastes. In addition to decrease heavy metal availabilities in soils, these materials also decreased Cu accumulation in plant roots and shoots. The addition of industrial waste of up to 80 ton ha-1 (glasshouse conditions) and 60 ton ha-1 (field conditions} generally improved plant growths and yields if added with lime and/or cassava-leaf compost.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Cassava-Leaf Compost, Heavy Metals, Liming, Industrial Wastes, Organic Matter, Tropical Soils
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