Salam, Abdul Kadir and Djuniwati, Sri and Sarno, - (1997) Lowering Heavy Metal Solubilities in Tropical Soils by Lime and Cassava-Leaf Compost Additions. Proc. Environmental Technology and Management Seminar. D2-11. ISSN 979-8456-18-1


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Heavy metal is one the environmental pollutants most detrimental to the lives of animal and human beings and may come into human tissues through food chains with soil as one of the main routes. Because plant roots absorb soluble heavy metals, studies on heavy metal solubilities in soil are important. This research was to evaluate the use of lime and cassava-leaf compost to lower heavy metal solubilities in some tropical soils. Soil samples were collected from Ap horizons (topsoils) of 3 soil orders, i.e. Ultisol Tanjungan, Oxisol Gedongmeneng, and Alfisol Banjaragung; all were collected from Lampung, Indonesia. Soil samples were spiked with a standard solution containing Cd, Cu, and Zn and were factorially treated with lime (CaCO3) at 4 levels (0, 2.5, 5, and 10 ton ha-1) and cassava-leaf compost at 4 levels (0, 5, 10, and 20 ton ha-1), and incubated at room temperature and 40% moisture content for 4 weeks. The results showed that lime and/or cassava-leaf compost consistently increased the soil pH, but at the addition of 10 ton CaCO3 ha-1 the soil pH of all experimental units were close to neutrality. The major part of the added Cu was adsorbed by all soils while the most part of the added Cd was soluble in soil water or weakly held by soil particles. Copper solubility in all soils consistently decreased with the addition of lime and/or cassava-leaf compost. Addition of lime and/or cassava leaf compost also decreased Cd solubility but the addition of high level compost at high addition of lime (< 2.5 ton CaCO3 ha-1) generally increased the solubility of Cd in all soils. The most part of the added Zn was adsorbed but soils of Banjaragung and Gedongmeneng bu only a small part of the added Zn was adsorbed by soil of Tanjungan. The solubility of Zn decreased with lime and/or cassava-leaf compost addition, but similar to Cd, addition of high level compost increased Zn solubility at high levels of lime addition. These observations showed that all soils can be used to immobilize heavy metals. Lime and/or cassava-leaf compost can be used to reduce the solubility of heavy metals in all soils, particularly at low levels of lime and cassava-leaf compost additions.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Cadmium, Cassava-Leaf Compost, Copper, Lime, Tropical Soils, Zinc
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