Afandi, . and Manik, Tumiar Katarina and Rosadi, Bustomi and Utomo, Muhajir and Senge, Masateru and Adachi, Tadashi and Oki, Y (2003) An Evaluation of Coffe Crop Factor under Different Weed Managements Using USLE Method in Hilly Huimid Tropical Area of Lampung, South Sumatra, Indonesia. Journal of the Japanese Society of Soil Physics (93). pp. 21-33. ISSN 0387-6012

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An evaluation of crop management factor (C) for coffee using USLE method was conducted in hilly humid tropical area of Lampung, Indonesia. The treatments were as follows : coffe without cover crop (clean-weeded plot) ; coffee with Paspalum conjugatum as cover crop (Paspalum plot) ; and co#ee with natural weeds (natural weeds plot). Weed management was done every two weeks by clearing all the weeds in clean-weeded plot, and cutting the weeds around the co#ee trees at a diameter of +m for the weedy plots (Paspalum and natural weeds plots). Two methods of estimating C-factor for co#ee were used : (+) using similar condition with other crops (Ct), and (,) using equivalent method based on the existing value of co#ee-C factor (Ce). The results showed that the use of Ct gave soil loss prediction 3�,. times higher than that measured, while the use of Ce gave +*�2+ times higher. The predicted values of soil loss using Ct were 1.1 t/ha/year and +..+ t/ha/year for Paspalum and natural weeds plots respectively. These values were still acceptable and reasonable to the soil loss tolerance, and very low compared to the other Indonesian studies which could be hundreds of ton/ha/y. This experiment showed that the measured co#ee C-factor was *.*./ for clean-weeded plot, *.**0 for Paspalum plot and *.**. for natural weeds plot, which were lower than the common value (*.,) usually used in Indonesia. By introducing the e#ect of weeds as the weeds C-subfactor (Cs) and co#ee C-factor (Cb) obtained from this experiment measurement, the co#ee C-factor (Cc) with various weeds coverage could be estimated by the equation Cc�Cb Cs. Key words : soil erosion, coffee, erodibility, USLE, crop factor

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