Asmarahman, C. and Surnayanti, . and Indriyanto, . and Tsani, M. K. and Santoso, T. (2023) Productivity and Constraint in Multipurpose Tree Species Cultivation: A Case Study from Cilimus Village, Wan Abdul Rachman Forest Park, Indonesia. International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, 18 (6). pp. 1453-1458. ISSN 1755-7445

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Cilimus Village serves as a crucial buffer for the Tahura Great Forest Park, a conservation area in Lampung province, Indonesia, that embraces a social forestry conservation partnership system. Within this system, local communities engage in agroforestry practices; however, the specific multi-purpose tree species (MPTS) cultivated, their productivity, and the challenges encountered during cultivation remain poorly documented. This study endeavors to catalog the variety of MPTS cultivated, identify the most economically viable species, and elucidate the challenges impeding farmers in the agroforestry process. Employing a mixed-methods approach, this research utilized questionnaires, distributing 40 to local farmers, complemented by direct observations in the MPTS plantations to corroborate questionnaire findings with field conditions. Subsequent data processing and analysis were conducted through descriptive, quantitative, and qualitative methods. Findings reveal the cultivation of 14 distinct MPTS commodities by forest farmers in Cilimus Village, with clove emerging as the predominant crop. Importantly, cloves yielded the highest average annual fruit production per hectare, measured at 19.57 kg yr-1·ha-1, which translates to an economic value of 2,152,700 IDR yr-1·ha-1. Additionally, alongside MPTS, farmers also cultivate a range of non-MPTS crops, including bananas, areca nuts, chilies, and vanilla. Productivity constraints extend beyond climatic and environmental factors; limitations in human resources also critically affect MPTS harvests. Consequently, a comprehensive approach that addresses both environmental conditions and human resource development is imperative for augmenting MPTS yield.

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