Asmara, Sandi and Rahmawati, Winda and Suharyatun, Siti SIMILARITY Optimalisasi of upja revenue (business provider services) rice cultivation using linear programing analysis in Seputih Raman District. IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science. ISSN 1755-1315.

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Rejo Asri Gapoktan is a farmer group located in Seputih Raman District, Central Lampung Regency and has an Alsintan Service Provider (UPJA) Business for Rice cultivation. In carrying out its activities UPJA Gapoktan has several tools and machines related to the management of rice cultivation, including: tractors, hand tractors, transplants, plant maintenance tools (hand sprayers and power weeder) and combine harvester. The problem faced by Gapoktan is the management of tool management, especially in maximizing revenue gains from managing these tools and machines. During this time Gapoktan has not been able to obtain an ideal profit, only in the break-even stage between business income and expenditure. Constraints on the extent of claim for each tool, equipment rental time, tool working hours, number of operators, operational costs, and rejuvenation costs for each tool still cannot be harmonized, so that it has not been able to achieve maximum profit. One effort to provide a solution to the problem in this study is the use of the Simplex Method which is one of the analysis of Linear Programing which aims to maximize the benefits of UPJA. The research method used is a quantitative method using Linear Programing analysis method using QM-For Windows V helper software. 5. The results showed that Linear Function for Z max objective function = 4.305.000X1 + 3.255.000X2 + 3.258.500X3 + 16,800,000X4, where X1, X2, X3, and X4 are Tractors, Tractor Hand, Transplanters, and Combine Harvester respectively. And the equation of the constraint function P1 (Land Area) = 60X1 + 120X2 + 56X3 + 120X4 < = 9408, P2 (Rental Time) = 240X1 + 240X2 + 240X3 + 240X4 < = 1448, P3 (Tool Hours) = 56X1 + 120X2 + 56X3 + 120X4 < = 1448, P4 (Number of Operators) = X1 + 2X2 + 3X3 + 4X4 < = 10, P5 (Operating Costs) = 290000X1 + 290000X2 + 835000X3 + 800000X4 < = 38545000, P6 (Equipment Rejuvenation Costs) = 123000X1 + 93000X2 + 199500X3 + 240000X4 < = 11836500. Conclusion, after optimization, solutions of solutions X1, X2, X3, and X4 are 4.71, 0, 0, and 1.32, the total overall profit obtained by the Gapoktan Rejo Asri from the UPJA is Rp. 42,494,670., - for one planting season (MT) and for the Cropping Index in Seputih Raman Sub-district, 2 is made in one year is Rp. 84,989,340, - assuming profitability is in accordance with the objective function and the same constraint function

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