Agustrina, R. and Nurcahyani, Endang and Irawan, Bambang (2018) SIMILARITY INDEX of: Tomato Generative Growth from the Seeds Exposed to 0,2 mT of Magnetic Field and Infected by Fusarium sp. IOP Publishing Ltd., IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series. 2018. Vol. 1116: 1-8..

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Previous research has shown that magnetic fields can increase the vigor and growth of tomato plants resistant to Fusarium sp. In this study we investigated whether the increase of vigor and tomato growth of plants resistant to Fusarium sp. attack will continue with the resulting increase in generative growth. The research was conducted factorially using a split strip plot design consisting of 0.2 mT magnetic field exposure (M) as the main plot; infection of Fusarium sp. (F) as a sub plot; and seed soaking (S) for 15 'before the magnetic field treatment as strip plots. Each treatment unit was repeated 3 times. The generative growth parameters studied were the number of flowers, the rate of fruiting, the number of fruits, and the total fresh weight of the fruit per plant. The results of the analysis of variance at α = 1 and 5% indicated that the magnetic field exposure (M) treatment and combination of magnetic field exposure and seed soaking treatment (MxS) affected all parameters measured. Treatment of infection of Fusarium sp. (F) only affect the speed of fruit formation. The S treatment and combination of MxF, FxS, and MxFxS did not affect all parameters measured. Exposure to magnetic fields for 7'48" produced ants with the highest rate of flower formation and the greatest number of fruits. The highest number of flowers and the highest rate of fruiting was obtained from the treatment of magnetic field exposure for 11'42". Fusarium-infected plant stems from soaked seeds which were grown on sterile soil produced plants with the lowest of fruiting rate (F5). Exposure of magnetic field for 7'48 "to the soaked seed yields the highest number of fruit. The highest number of flower was obtained from the treatment of magnetic field exposure on un-soaked seed while the highest rate of fruiting obtained from the treatment of the soaked beans without exposure to the magnetic field.

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