Rahayu, N. S. and Indriyanto, . and Asmarahman, C. (2022) PRODUKSI MADU LEBAH Heterotrigona itama DI KEBUN LEBAH SIMPUR DESA KECAPI KECAMATAN KALIANDA. Jurnal Kehutanan Indonesia Celebica, 3 (1). pp. 13-26. ISSN 2723-1909

Novita Siti Rahayu, Indriyanto, & Ceng Asmarahman (2022)_Produksi madu lebah Heterotrigona itama .............pdf

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Heterotrigona itama bee honey is in great demand by buyers because of the characteristic taste of honey which tastes sweet and slightly sour. Beekeeping is also relatively easy, but the production of honey is unknown. Therefore, this study was conducted to know the production of honey in Heterotrigona itama bee cultivation in Simpur Bee Gardens, Kecapi Village, Kalianda District. The research was conducted from October until December 2021. The collection of honey production data was carried out by measuring once a month for three months on five bee boxes. In addition to honey production data, the dimensions of the bee box, the intensity of solar radiation, airtemperature, and humidity of the air around the bee box were also observed. The data were tabulatedas well as regression and correlation analysis at the 5% significance level. The results showed that the average honey production every month was 275.6 ml/box. Based on a simple regression analysisthat the size of the bee box has no significant effect onhoney production with a correlation coefficientvalue of 0.027 with an average nest size of 63.8 cm long, 37.6 cm in diameter. The size of the honeytopping with an average length of 42.2 cm, width 42.2 cm, and height 12 cm. The intensity of solar radiation has a significant effect on honey production with the regression equation Y = 366.8660.002 X and the correlation coefficient value is 0.967. The average intensity of solar radiation in the morning is 115,389.2 lux, the average during the day is 48,780 lux, and the averagein the afternoon is 11,361.8 lux. Thus, the honey production of Heterotrigona itama bees will be higher if the box bees were placed in the shade. Air temperature and humidity have no significant effect on honey production with correlation values of 0.365 and 0.035, respectively. The average air temperature in the morning is 28.6 0C, in the afternoon is 31.9 0C, and in the afternoon is 28.8 0C. The average humidity in the morning is 76.1%, in the afternoon is 66, 4%, and in the afternoon 76.1%.

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