Ardian, . and Timotiwu, Paul B. and Riadi, Angga (2016) EVALUASI KARAKTER AGRONOMI BEBERAPA VARIETAS MENTIMUN (Cucumis sativus L.). Jurnal Agrista, 20 (1). pp. 46-59. ISSN 1410-3389

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The agronomic character of plants should be defined as reference information in plant breeding. The aims of this study is to determine the agronomic characters on each variety, that in has high production potential, good quality of fruit and genetic varieties of each varieties of cucumber as a basis purpose in plant crossing. The experiment was conducted in the village of Sinar Agung, Pulau Panggung, Tanggamus, Lampung Province, from September to November 2014. The plants materials were consist of 15 varieties in three categorisezed (salad, rujak and baby). The experiments was design in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with single factor of cucumber, and each unit of experiment was repeat 3 times. The difference of agronomic character were performed in Least Significant Difference (LSD) at 5% significance level, while the criteria of diversity by comparing variance with the standard deviation. The results showed that, some varieties were superior with the character of the brix levels, low fruit pressure, length and weight of the fruit. In the group of cucumber salad, varieties Venus has brix level of 3,27%, 4.68 kg/cm² fruit pressure, length of 14.91 cm and a weight of fruit 160,22 g, Wulan varieties has brix level of 3,43%, 4,74 fruit pressure, length 14,27 cm fruit and fruit weight 185,98 g. In the group Of cucumber rujak, Misano varietie has a brix level of 3,25%, pressure 5,83 kg/cm² fruit, fruit length of 16,9 cm and a weight of 189,57 g fruit. There is no different of cucumber baby type in brix level and fruit pressure is no different, but the lenght and weight of the fruit character better at Vitani is 11,15 cm and 123,65 g. Genetic variances for all the characters observed were narrow diversity.

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