Suna, hideyaki and Arai, Masayoshi and Tsubotani, yoshie and Hayashi, asami and Setiawan, Andi and Kobayashi, Motomasa Dysideamine, a new sesquiterpene aminoquinone, protects hippocampal neuronal cells against iodoacetic acid-induced cell death. Elsevier Ltd.

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In the course of our search for neuroprotective agents, dysideamine (1), a new sesquiterpene aminoqui�none, was isolated along with bolinaquinone (2) from Indonesian marine sponge of Dysidea sp. Com�pounds 1 and 2 showed neuroprotective effect against iodoacetic acid (IAA)-induced cell death at 10 lM concentration in mouse HT22 hippocampal neuronal cells. Dysideamine (1) inhibited production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by IAA treatment, whereas it exhibited no effect on depletion of intra�cellular ATP of the IAA-treated HT22 cells. Moreover, 1 induced neurite outgrowth against mouse neuro�blastma Neuro 2A cells with increase of acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity, which is a marker of neuronal differentiation

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