Supriatin, Supriatin and Yusnaini, Sri and Salam, Abdul Kadir (2007) Aktivitas fosfatase dalam kotoran cacing tanah pada lahan kopi dengan beberapa sistem pengelolaan vegetasi penutup tanah (Activity of phosphatase in earthworm casts in coffee field under different plant cover management). Journal of Tropical Soils, 12 (2). pp. 111-120. ISSN 0852-257X

Aktivitas Fosfatase dalam kotoran cacing tanah pada lahan kopi dengan beberapa sistem pengelolaan vegetasi penutup tanah.pdf

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Phosphatase is produced by plant roots, microorganisms and soil animals including earthworms. It is suggested that phosphatase is produced by earthworm in their casts. This research was conducted to study the activities of acid and alkaline phosphatases in earthworm casts of coffee field with different plant cover management. Earthworm casts were sampled from experimental coffee fields in Sumber Jaya, West Lampung, Indonesia on September 2001 (dry season), April 2002 (rainy season), and July 2002 (end of rainy season). The experimental fields were previously prepared and arranged in a randomized block design with seven different plant cover management arranged in three blocks. The results showed that the activities of acid phosphatase in coffee field with round-weeded Paspalum conjugatum, coffee field with round-weeded native weeds, coffee field with row-grown native weeds, and native weeds without coffee plants were the same and higher than in coffee field with row-grown P. conjugatum, coffee field without weeds, and ploughed field without coffee and weeds, except in the end of rainy season 2002. It showed that the amount and diversity of organic matter eaten by earthworms influenced the activity of microorganisms and acid phosphatase in earthworm casts. On the other hand, the highest activity of alkaline phosphatase in earthworm casts was measured in coffee field with round-weeded P. conjugatum, except in rainy season of 2002. This finding may be related to C/N ratio of P. conjugatum that lower than that of other weeds, so it can stimulate the growth of earthworm to produce alkaline phosphatase. Different from soil, activities of phosphatases in earthworm casts showed no correlation with pH, organic-C, total-N and available-P.

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