Dewi, Bainah Sari (2016) Hasil Penilaian Peer Review Prosiding Dung Beetle Biodiversity Conservation in Adaptation of Climate Change. In: Seminar Nasional APIK Indonesia 2016, 31 August to 1 Sept, Jakarta. APIK Indonesia.

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Dung beetles are a group Coleoptera from tribal of Scarabaeidae or commonly known as scarab. Manufacture dung ball activities which is then put in the soil by dung beetles known to play a role in helping the growth of the seed plants. This study was conducted on March 2016 at four different locations consist of the Arboretum of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Lampung Captive Deer, Arboretum of Library, and University of Lampung Soccer Field. Observations were made on the morning and afternoon. This research was conducted using the method of trap. The purpose of this study were (1) to determine the dung beetle species diversity, (2) to determine non dung beetle species diversity. Based on the research that had been done, there were three species dung beetles were discovered, as 13 individual consisting of two species Aphodius marginellus (15.38%), 9 species Onthophagus sp (69.24%), and two species Pachylister chinensiss (15,38 %). Non dung beetle as 2906 individual tails that are divided into six species were: Black ants (Camponotuscaryae) 2633 tail (90.60 %), Cricket (Gryllidaeorthopera) 105 tail (3.61%), Millipede (Consium) 63 tail (2 , 16 %), spider (Araneus sp) 60 tail ( 2.06% ), Flies (Sarcophaga sp) 30 individuals (1.03 %), and the red ant 15 individuals ( 0.5 % ). The existence of dung beetles are influenced by various environmental factors; climate change, the location, the condition of feces, time, and human activities around the study site. The dung beetle has important role as secondary seed dispersal in the ecosystem therefore that its presence can be used as a parameter balance of the ecosystem in certain areas. Keywords: dung beetle, diversity, method of trap, University of Lampung

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