Harianto, Sugeng Prayitno and Dewi, Bainah Sari and Afif, Bintoro (2020) Hasil Penilaian Peer Review " The Dynamics of the Repong Damar Vegetation in Krui Pesisir Barat. In: IC STAR 2020, 22 Oktober 2020, University of Lampung. (In Press)". Seminar Nasional Konservasi 2020, Bandar Lampung.


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Abstract Repong Damar is a plantation management system that is cultivated and managed by the Krui community, Lampung. The time of this research was conducted in July 2020. The research locations were carried out in Pahmungan and Pekon Gunung Kemala Pekon. The method used in this research is 25 plots in Pahmungan Pekon and 25 Mount Kemala Pekon Plots, Krui, Pesisir Barat Regency, Lampung Province, Indonesia. This study aims to determine the dynamics of Repong Damar vegetation. In Pahmungan Pekon found 19 species of tree phases with a total of 131 trees. 13 species of pole phase trees, 6 types of sapling phase trees, and 26 species of undergrowth and seedling phase trees. In Pekon Gunung Kemala, there were 7 types of tree phases, 7 types of tree pole stages, 4 types of tree piles, and 17 species of plants under the seedling phase. The most dominant tree species in Pahmungan Pekon and Gunung Kemala Pekon are Damar, so that the Dappiness Value Index (INP) of Damar trees in Pahmungan Pekon is 119.44 and INP in Pekon Gunung Kemala is 178.711. Communities in Pahmungan Pekon and Gunung Kemala Pekon still depend on the economy of the community by searching for gum resin (Shorea javanica), Repong Damar is the success of agroforestry managed by local communities which are still traditional. the Pahmungan Pekon and the Mount Kemala Pekon. The need for government education in protecting the cat eye (Shorea javanica) ecosystem in Krui, Keywords: Repong Damar, Resin cat's eye, Pekon Pahmungan, Pekon Mount Kemala, SAP, resin.

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