Suharsono, Suharsono and Padli, M and Tugiyono, Tugiyono and Buhani, Buhani Similarity Check COMBINATION OF GAMBIER EXTRACT AND BENZOIC ACID AS INHIBITOR OF CALCIUM SULFATE SCALE FORMATION. RASAYAN J.Chem.


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In this study, it was carried out the addition of a mixture of gambier (Uncaria gambir Roxb.) extract and benzoic acid as an inhibitor of scale growth of calcium sulfate using the seeded experiment technique. The experiment was performed on variations in the concentration of calcium sulfate growth solution with variation from 0.15 to 0.25 M by the presence of inhibitor mixture 0 - 125 ppm and a temperature of 90 ° C. Observations on the growth of calcium sulfate crystals formed were carried out by weighing crystals obtained in each series of experiments. Characterization of calcium sulfate crystals obtained was done by particle size analyzer/PSA and scanning electron microscope/SEM. The results obtained showed that the addition of a mixture of gambier extract and benzoic acid at a ratio of 1: 1 may block the formation of calcium sulfate crystals with effectiveness in the range of 2 - 54% depending on the concentration of the inhibitor added. The results obtained are supported by data obtained by SEM and PSA analysis. The data obtained from SEM and PSA confirmed that the size of calcium sulfate crystals after the addition of the inhibitor becomes to be smaller than the normal growth. Keywords: Scaling Inhibitor, Calcium Sulfate, Gambier Extract, Benzoic Acid, Green Inhibitor.

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