Nurcahyani, Endang and Agustrina, Rochmah and Handayani, T.T. and Isharnani, Christiana E. (2015) Pengimbasan Ketahanan Anggrek Tanah Dengan Asam Fusarat Secara In Vitro Terhadap Aktivitas Peroksidase. Prosiding Seminar Nasional Swasembada Pangan Polinela Bandar Lampung. pp. 183-187. ISSN 978-602-70530-2-1

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The most production constrain on Orchid Land (Spathoglottisplicata Bl.) plantation recently has been caused by fusarium wiltcaused by Fusariumoxysporum (Fo) and until now still can not be solved effectively. The use of fusarium wilt resistant cultivar has been introduced, which has high yield expected as one alternative method for controlling this disease. A resistant Orchid Land plantlet has been initiated by in vitro selection on Vacin& Went (VW) medium containingfusaric acid (FA), and found indications tolerant FA concentration for selection plantlets were resistant. Peroxidase enzyme activity as a mechanism of resistance against Fo plantlets of S. plicata was measured using the Saravananet. al. (2004) method,the plantlets were scanned FA(concentration of 10, 20, 30, and 40 ppm) and control.The results showed indications of increased activity of peroxidase enzyme significantly from four different FA stress concentration.At a concentration of 10 ppm FA produce peroxidase activity of 0.26 U/ mg/ min, the concentration of 20 ppm lead of 0.35 U/mg/min, at a concentration of 30 ppm FA produces 0.37 U/mg/min and the concentration of 40 ppm produces of 0.52 U/mg/min.In controls, the peroxidase activity of 0.12 U/mg/min. The research results prove the presence of increasing concentrations of FA stress will improve also the peroxidase enzyme activity. Indications of increased activity of peroxidase significant stress concentrations of four different FA, is suspected because stress can cause an increase in compound peroxide (H2O2) in the culture medium and can lead to increased activity of the enzyme peroxidase.

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