Aditya, Girindra Yoga and Evizal, Rusdi and Pujisiswanto, Hidayat and Utomo, Setyo Dwi (2021) PENGARUH SISTEM PENYAMBUNGAN KOPI ARABIKA DENGAN ROBUSTA TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN DAN PRODUKSI KOPI ARABIKA. Jurnal Agrotek Tropika, 9 (2). pp. 261-269. ISSN 2337-4993

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The performance of Robusta coffee can be improved through intraspecific grafting (Robusta / Robusta) to produce higher yield or through interspecific grafting (Arabica / Robusta) to produce Arabica coffee which has higher quality. The purpose of this research is to study the growth and yield of grafted coffee compared to non-grafted coffee and to study the growth and yield of inter-spesific grafted Arabica compared to non-grafted Arabica. This research was conducted in a farmer’s coffee field, in Desa Harapan Jaya, Way Ratai, Pesawaran District. The design used in this research was Randomized Block Design (RBD) with six treatments of grafting systems and four replications. The treatments were: P1= non-grafting of Robusta, P2= non-grafting of Arabica, P3= grafting of Robusta/Robusta by tak-ent system, P4= grafting of Arabica/Robusta root stock + branches, P5= grafting scion of the orthotropic Arabica/Robusta, P6= grafting scion of plagiotropic Arabica/Robusta. The Robusta of Mekarsari clone and Arabica Kartika variety were used in this research. Data were analyzed using the Least Significant Difference Test for mean separation. The results showed that each treatment affects significantly to the number of primerybranches, the number of plagiotropicbranches (B0, B1, and B2), the flower bunch per branch, the pistil per branch, the number of green seeds per branch, the number of red seeds per branch, the weight of fresh seeds per branch, The weight of dried seeds per branch, the number of harvested seeds per branch and the yield per tree. Based on the results, it can be concluded that: (1) the growth and yield of grafted coffee is higher than those of nongrafted coffee; (2) among the system of Arabica coffee inter-spesific Grafting, the treatment of grafting scion of plagiotropic Arabica on rootstock of Robusta showed the same results for growth variables but produce higher yield compared to others Arabica grafting system.

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