Hikam, Saiful and Timotiwu, P.B. Selection for Anthesis-Silking Interval on Maize Inbred-line Populations to Maintain their Existence. Seminar Nasional Sains, Matematika, Informatika dan Aplikasinya VI UNILA. ISSN 2086-2342

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Maize (Zea mays L.) is a monoecious-cross species. Cross pollination is ensured due to separated position of male and female flowers although both are on one plant, and the male flowers mature prior to the female ones (protandry). The period between male and female flower maturity (ASI; anthesis -silking interval) could be lengthy so as the pollens were already shed-off before the female silks emerged. The study intended to evaluate the greatness of ASI variability on 11 inbred pedigrees, and the effect of ASI onto other generative traits which were: ear length, kernel-biomass accumulation rate, effective kernel-fill period, 100-kernel weight, kernel weight.ear-1, and kernel yield. The study was done from January-October 2010 in 2 stages: (1) a seed multiplication work by grouping inbred pedigrees in a polybag planting of 5 plants. pedigree-1; (2) the continuation of testing the ASI-effect in field. The field study employed a randomized complete-block design with three replicates. The results indicated that: (1) Selection for ASI could be accomplished effectively in parental- and inbred progeny lines; (2) Mean values for ASI, ear length, kernel-biomass accumulation rate, effective kernel-filling period, 100-kernel weight, kernel weight.ear-1, and kernel yield were consistent between parental- and inbred progeny lines and satisfy the value of interest for each trait; and (3) inbred-lines having traits below critical value should employ heterosis when used as parents in a hybrid or synthetic cultivar production

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Date Deposited: 17 Jun 2021 07:37
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