Widiastuti, E.L. (2011) Taurine Effects on Growth and Gonad Maturation in Cobia (Rachycentron canadum). Proceeding ICBS 2011, 1. pp. 315-320. ISSN 978-979-8969-06-5

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The aim of the study was to elucidate the effect of taurine amino acid dietary on cobia growth rate and reproductive status. The growth was determined by their body weight and morphological changes included the length and the width of their body. The reproductive status was determined by measuring estradiol concentration of the blood samples by using enzyme immune assay (ELIZA) and fish gonadosomatic indexes (GI). Four experimental groups were chosen, two groups with commercial fish food and two groups with natural fish food. Taurine given within the groups consisted of 0 and 0.5% (0.06 gram/fish/day). Complete randomized design with factorial 2 x 2 was applied to this study and 40 premature cobia (@ approximately weight was 2.5 kg) were used for the experimental units. Analysis variance and SNK at 5% were used to determine the differences among experimental groups. The study was conducted in 4 months. The results indicated that groups with taurine in their diets increased their body weight for 25 – 50% compared to the control (0 % of taurine in their diet) as well as their body length and width (p< 0.05). When the premature cobia of the taurine groups reaching 4000 – 6000 grams in their body weight they were able to spawn and this also indicated by estradiol concentration ranging from 108 – 393 pg/ml. At that time the GSI of female cobia ranged from 2.34 – 7.91 and male were 0.40. Keywords: Taurine, cobia, gonadosomatic index, estradiol

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