Widiastuti, E.L. (2016) OXYGEN SATURATION OF LAMBS DURING ESTROUS CYCLE WITHIN DIETS WITH DIFFERENT CATION AND ANION RATIO. Conference Proceedings, 2. pp. 127-133. ISSN 978-602-0860-08-4


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Estrous cycle is known consumed much energy than normal state of many rumens. The oxygen consumption for generating this energy could be accounted by determining the oxygen saturation, in which diets affected for improving effectiveness of oxygen saturation. Different diets with different ratio of cation and anion was assigned for this study. Five different cation and anion ratio diets were given to the lambs which already experienced with pregnancies, they were -28, -18, 0, + 14 and +32 mEq (of dietary cation and anion different/DCAD), each was replicated by 3. Group A (-28 mEq) were given normal diet with 0.230 g S + 0.446 g Cl, group B (-18 mEq) were given normal diet with 0.230 g S + 0.286 g Cl, group C (0 mEq) were given normal diet with 14.259 g S, group D (+14 mEq) were given normal diet only, group E (+32 mEq) were given normal diet with 0.235 g Na + 0.523 g K. Randomized groups were assigned for this study and ANOVA was used to analyze the collecting data such as blood pH, pCO2, pO2 and percentage of Hb O2. Data was collected before and during estrous states. The result indicated that in most of groups, the pH as well as pCO2 increased significantly during estrous, while the pO2 and percent of Hb-O2 decreased. Different ratio of cation and anion did not show any significant different among groups. Key words: DCAD, blood, pH, oxygen,

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