Sartika, Dewi and Astuti, Sussi and Iswandari, Ria (2021) Inhibitory Study Of Cassava Leather Ethanol Extract As Natural Antimicrobial In Reducing Salmonella Sp. And Escherichia Coli On Contamination Chicken Meat (Gallus Domesticus). Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1751 (2021). Journal of Physics: Conference Series, IOP proceeding. ISBN 0.1088/1742-6596/1751/1/012048


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Abstract: Chicken meat is a food product that is damaged easily and it's a good medium for microbial growth. Therefore, it is needed a way to reduce the contamination of microbial pathogens . Cassava leather is a byproduct that contains an active compounds and it has a natural antimicrobial function to reduce pathogenic microbe contaminant . This study to determine the presence of natural antimicrobial activity against Escherichia coli and Salmonella sp. in chicken meat. The research was conducted using single factor with 7 treatment in Completely Randomized Block Design as many as 5 replications. Seven treatments of this research one positive control treatment (amoxicillin), and one treatment as control (96% ethanol). The results is cassava ethanol extract able to inhibit of Escherichia coli with the inhibitory diameter of 10.08 mm and Salmonella sp. with an inhibitory diameter diameter of 9.17 mm at a concentration extract of 100%, by extract concentrations of 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%, with each inhibitory diameter 8.98 mm, 8.67 mm, 8.62 mm, 8.45 mm against Escherichia coli and 8.58 mm, 8.22 mm, 7.73 mm, 7.56 mm against Salmonella sp . The best concentration of cassava ethanol extract as a natural antimicrobial in chicken meat was 100% with total decrease to Escherichia coli 5.8 x 107cfu / g (69.05%) and total decrease of Salmonella sp by 4.0 x 107 cfu / g (41.17%). Keywords : Antimicrobial, Cassava leather , Chicken meat.

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