Jaenudin Kartahadimaja, Jaenudin and Setyo Dwi Utomo, Utomo and Erwin Yuliadi, Yuliadi and Abdul Kadir Salam, Salam and Warsono, Warsono and Anung Wahyudi, Wahyudi (2021) Agronomic characters, genetic and phenotypic diversity coefficients, and heritability of 12 genotypes of rice. Biodiversitas Journal of Biological Diversity, 22 (3). pp. 1091-1097. ISSN 1412-033X

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Kartahadimaja J, Utomo SD, Yuliadi E, Salam AK, Warsono, Wahyudi A. 2021. Agronomic characters, genetic and phenotypic diversity coefficients, and heritability of 12 genotypes of rice. Biodiversitas 22: 1091-1097. The achievement of national rice production is always below the target. One of the causes is the low productivity of the varieties grown due to the stagnant g enetic capacity of these varieties. The assembly of new lines through breeding is one solution that can increase the genetic capacity of new varieties. Genetic diversity is one of the factors that influence the success of plant breeding. Ten new F9 rice lines were s uccessfully assembled showing various phenotypes. The identification of the specific advantages of each of these new rice lines was based largely on the phenotypic response. The research objective was to identify the genetic advantages of each line through the analysis a pproach of genetic diversity coefficient (GDC), Phenotific Diversity Coefficient (PDC), and broad-sense heritability. The research was designed on a randomized completely block design (RCBD) with ten new F9 rice lines and two comparison varieties as treatments, repeated three times. The variables observed were plant height, maximum number of tillers, number of productive tillers, flowering time, harvesting time, panicle length, number of grain per panicle, number of filled grains per panicle, number of empty grain p er panicle, grain length, grain width, grain thickness, and grain yield per hectare. The data were analyzed using Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), if there was a difference between the mean values, it was continued with a 5% LSD test. The results showed that (i) the genotypes tested showed wide genetic and phenotypic diversity, (ii) based on the analysis of GDC, PDC, and broad sense heritability, the appearance of phenotypes of several agronomic characters was controlled by genetic factors. Keywords: Agronomic characters, genetic diversity, heritability, phenotypic diversity, rice production Abbreviations: GDC: diversity coefficient; PDC: phenotypic diversity coefficient

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