., Buhani and Wijayanti, Tri Agus and ., Suharso and ., Sumadi and Ansori, Muslim (2021) Application of modified green algae Nannochloropsis sp. as adsorbent in the simultaneous adsorption of Methylene Blue and Cu(II) cations in solution. Sustainable Environment Research, 31 (17). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2468-2039


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Biomass of algae is a very potent adsorbent for absorbing aqueous waste containing heavy metals and organic dyes. This study purposes to confirm the ability of adsorbents from green algae Nannochloropsis sp. modified with silica (ASN) and followed by coating magnetite particles (ASN-MPs) to absorb simultaneously the mixture of Methylene Blue (ME) and Cu(II) cations in aqueous solution. Simultaneous sorption of ME and Cu(II) cations to ASN and ASN-MPs was carried out by the batch method with the interaction pH condition 7, contact time 90 min, and initial concentrations of ME and Cu(II) cations (0.1–1.0 mM). Based on adsorption data, Cu(II) cations have a greater adsorption rate and capacity (qm) compared to ME at the same contact time and initial concentration. The adsorption capacity (qm) values of the bi-component ME and Cu(II) cation mixture in ASN and ASN-MPs were 1.39 × 10− 1 and 5.32 × 10− 1 mmol g− 1, respectively, with the binary Langmuir adsorption isotherm constant for Cu(II) cations greater than ME. Modified adsorbent from algae Nannochloropsis sp. with silica matrix and magnetite particle coating is an adsorbent that has a high effectiveness in the collective sorption of ME and Cu(II) cations. Therefore, these adsorbents can be used for the adsorption of cation mixtures of heavy metals and organic dyes that are cationic in solution.

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Date Deposited: 20 May 2021 07:34
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