Agustina, Yenni WILL DIFFERENT BONUS SIZE ENCOURAGES TO COMPLETE A DIFFICULTY TARGET? Innovation and sustainability in digital age. pp. 58-59. ISSN 9786239493066

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Abstract: This analysis is based on the assumption that there are already income disparities that the bonus is not always a good instrument to support one 's success because a manager needs to do a self-actualization factor, by testing a different bonus number for each experimental test as an input for the study, the novelty of this research is. This study used a 2x2 between-subjects design experimental method. The results show that in completing difficult tasks, a low bonus will strengthen the relationship between benefit and danger encounters, while a larger bonus will strengthen the relationship between loss and conditions of danger. It can be inferred on the basis of these findings that incentives are one of the logical factors that motivate someone to perform demanding tasks. Keyword: Bonus, Difficulty Target, Accounting Information, Situasional Information.

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