Nuning, Nurcahyani and Yanwirasti, yanwirasti and Jamsari, Jamsari and Djong, Hon Tjong and Hendri, Busman (2016) FETAL SKELETON DEVELOPMENT OF MICE(Mus musculusL)THREATEDWITHNUTGRASS(Cyperus rotundus)EXTRACT. Conference Proceedings, 2. pp. 245-252. ISSN 978-602-0860-10-7

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Research on medical herbs have been done since the information related with their safetinesscan not be guaranted. Results of this researchare used to reduce side effect ofmedical herbs without clinical analysis of its benefits for human. The nuttgrass(CyperusrotundusL.)grows wildly in many places, can be used to treat high blood pressure, breasttumors, candida, colds, flu, and helps treat convulsions, moodiness and depression,premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and the pain and cramps associated with PMS, menopause,and antiestrogenic effects. This herb contains a volatile oil with b-pinene, cyperene, a-cyperone b-cyperone and a-cyperol as its main ingredients. It also contains alkaloids,flavonoids, triterpenes, etc. The aims of this research were to determine the effects ofnuttgrass(Cyperus rotundusL.)given orally to pregnant mice (Mus musculus L)duringorganogenesis fase to skeleton development anatomically and histologically, by usingstructure of epifisialis cartilago as indicator. Research has been conducted using CompleteRandomized Design.Twenty pregnantmices were devide into 4 groups:A (control with 0,4ml aquabides), B(4,5 mg/40grBBnuttgrass extract in0,4 ml aquabides), C(45 mg/40grBBnuttgrass extract in 0,4 ml aquabides), D (135 mg/40grBB nuttgrass extract in 0,4 mlaquabides).Datawere analized withAnalysisof Variance(ANOVA) to find the differencesof each treatment, if there were significant differences, Least Significant Differences5% willbe done. The result showed, that nuttgrass extract given orally to pregnant mices did notcause malformations to fetal mice. It reduces fetal body weight and length. In addition, itgave effect onchanging the histological structure of fetal epifisialis tibia, by reducing thethickness of proliferation zone, maturation zone, cartilage zone during mineralizationprocesses.

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