Syarief, Yuniar Aviati and Fathul, Farida (2011) Model Pemberdayaan Kelompok Peternak di Desa Pesawaran Indah Kecamatan Prdeng Cermin Kabupaten pesawaran . Jurnal Ilmiah ESAI, 5. pp. 120-127. ISSN 1978-6034

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Farmer empowerment model aims to empower communitiesthrough the application of appropriate technology in agriculture, livestock waste, institutional strengthening of farmer groups and farmers’ organization run by a dynamic management . Empowerment model is implemented through three stages as applied to the corn farmer empowerwmnt (Zakaria, W.A., et al., 2009) institutional strengthening of farmer group stage, Phase Combined Institutional Strengthening o fFarmers’ Groups and Phase competitiveness. Problems that hinder the progress of famers group has been the poor quality of Human Resources (HR) on the knowledge anf skill agriculture, yet the application of appropriate technologi in agriculture, livestock waste has not been exploited, a group of famaers whoare still weak institutional, organizational management group of farmers has not walked well. The purposes of this activity are (1) Establishing a strong institutional breeders group, (2) Form a group of famers in a dynamic and onderly adminintration, (3) The group has a predetermined location of the secretariat in consultation, (4) Members and administratorapable of managing livesctock farming camping effective and efficient, (5) members and administrator group are able to use agriculture waste to be made into animal feed, (6) The utilization of livestock waste into organic fertilizer. Indicators of success of this activity are (1) Strengthening the institutional group, (2) The formation of farmer groups are dynamic and orderly administration, (3) Ability to make cattle feed with ingredients that are available around the group, (4) Ability to make organic fertilizer from waste livestock, (5) It has been a location of thr secretariat of the group. The method of participatory approaches used in participatory rural appraisal. The results showed that the activity of these activities has given good results in the formation of farmer groups are dynamic, there is increased knowledge and skills of people in goat farming, appropriate technology transfer and utilization of agricultural was has been done carefully, accurately and efficiently. Key words: farmer empowerment, livestock group,goat farming.

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