Adawiyah, Rabiatul and subeki, subeki and Ibrahim, Gusri A and Utomo, tanto Pratondo and Yuliadi, Erwin (2020) Effect of Siger Rice from Waxy Cassava (Manihot Esculenta) on Oligosaccharide Levels and Chemical Blood Profiles in Mice. Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1467 (2020) 012039 (1467).

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Abstract. Siger rice is the Lampung term of Beras Singkong Segar which is artificial rice made from cassava. Siger rice is made from cassava which contains high amylose. The amylose comes out from the granules to bind water during the cooking and easily release the water and then the rice becomes hard and chewy. Therefore, Siger rice will be made from waxy cassava having no amylose to produce soft Siger rice after being cold. This research aimed to investigate the effects of Siger rice from waxy cassava on oligosaccharide levels and blood chemical profiles in mice. The research was conducted in a complete randomized block design with four replications. Siger rice was made from waxy cassava using a single screw extruder. The results showed that Siger rice has characteristics of white color, slightly cassava flavored, containing water (9.81%), ash (0.47%), fat (0.90%), protein (2.13%), crude fiber (4.79%), carbohydrates (81.90%), and glycemic index 30. The processing of waxy cassava into Siger rice can reduce levels of raffinose, stachyose, verbascose, and oligosaccharides 81.44, 92.09, 79.27, and 83.99%, respectively. Giving Siger rice to mice for 28 days had no negative effects on erythrocyte, hemoglobin, leukocyte, and hematocrit of mice. 1

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Subjects: S Agriculture > S Agriculture (General)
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Date Deposited: 02 Jun 2020 01:01
Last Modified: 02 Jun 2020 01:01

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