Muhammad Dwi Ario, ario and Adityo Wibowo, wibowo (2016) Corpus Alienum in Esophagus Pars Thoracic in Boy Aged 3 Years Old. medical profession journal of lampung university, 6 (1). pp. 88-92. ISSN 2339-1227


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Corpus alienum in esophagus can be sharp,blunt objects or food stucked and wedged in the esophagus caused by swallowing, either intentionally or unintentionally. Foreign bodies in the airways can occur at all ages, especially children because they often insert objects into his mouth. Foreign bodies in the esophagus can cause a dangerous state , such as blockage and suppression into the airway. Symptoms that may arise as a result of the corpus alienum in the esophagus include difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia), discomfort in the chest, pain when swallowing (odynophagia), hypersalivation, regurgitation and vomiting and also difficulty in breathing (dyspnea) in case of suppression of the trachea by foreign body. Symptoms of dysphagia varies depending on the size of the foreign body, dysphagia is more severe if there has been a mucosal edema which worsening the blockage causing the persistent blockage of the esophagus. Three years old boy An.R was reported with corpus alienum in esophagus pars thoracic. After confirmation by the X-ray examination of thoracic then do the immediate treatment with the extraction method of the corpus alienum with esophagoscopy and device as well as consideration of technique to encourage corpus alienum to the stomach and monitored that the result is used the technique to encourage corpus alienum to the stomach where corpus alienum can get out from the body.

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