Sholihah, Lilis (2019) THE INFLUENCE OF QUESTION ANSWER RELATIONSHIP (QAR) TOWARD STUDENTS READING COMPREHENSION. Proceedings of the Second International Conference on English Language Teaching and Learning (2nd ICON-ELTL) "EFL Teaching and Learning for the Millennial Generation" published by English Education Study Program University of Lampung, 16 November 2019. pp. 1-365. ISSN ISBN: 978-602-0860-36-7


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The purpose of this research is to know the influence of Question Answer Relatioship (QAR) toward students reading comprehension of English education study program of UM Metro. To get answers to the question, the researcher conducted experiment to students who are divided into two groups namely, experimental group (E) and control group (C). This research used quantitative method with experimental design. This research took place at the University of Muhammadiyah Metro with the population of the research consisted of 34 second semester students of English Education study program of Muhammadiyah University of Metro. The sample and sampling techniques used total sampling which is 17 students as experimental class and 17 students as control class. The variables of this research are Question Answer Relationship (QAR) as independent variable and Reading Comprehension as dependent variable. Data collecting techniques used pre-test, post test and questionnaire. The data analysis technique used statistical analysis. After analyzing the data, the researcher knows the average rates (mean) and variances of those groups, next to prove the hypothesis: there is positive and significant influence of using Question Answer Realationship (QAR) method toward students speaking ability. The findings showed that tcount= 12,24 and ttable for α=0,05 ttable=2,02 and for α=0,01 ttable= 2,70. It means tcount>ttable. So, Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted. Based on the analysis, the researcher concluded that Question Answer Realationship (QAR) method can improve students’ reading comprehension. Keywords: question answer relationship (QAR), reading comprehension

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