Huda, Ahmad Nuril and Rosa, Emantis and Irawan, Bambang and Nukmal, Nismah Isolat Fungi Entomopatogen yang Diisolasi dari Beberapa Jenis Serangga untuk Menghambat Penetasan Telur Aedes aegypti. Prosiding Seminar Nasional Perhimpunan Biologi Indonesia XXV.


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Control effort Ae. aegypti as a vector of DHF (Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever) so far many use synthetic chemicals that cause new problems, namely environmental pollution, death in nontarget organisms and mosquitoes become more resistant to chemicals. Therefore, another alternative is needed to control using entomopathogenic fungi. This study aims to determine the effect of entomopathogenic fungi isolates isolated from various insects as ovisides in inhibiting the number of hatching of Ae aegypti eggs and determine the concentration of spore suspensions that are effective against the hatchability of Ae aegypti eggs. aegypti. This research was conducted in December 2018 - February 2019 in the Microbiology Laboratory of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Lampung by using a Randomized Block Design with 2 factors: the type of fungi isolate and dilution concentration. Fungi isolates used are Genicularia sp. (origin of flies), Fusarium sp. (origin of mosquitoes) and Aspergillus sp. (origin of cockroach), while the concentration of dilution used is (control, 10, 10-1, 10-2.10-3). Data were analyzed with ANOVA, then Duncan continued testing. The results showed that fungi Genicularia sp., Fusarium sp. and Aspergillus sp. can inhibit the hatching of Ae. Aegypti eggs. Concentration of fungal spore suspensions that are effective in inhibiting the hatching of Ae. aegypti eggs. is a isolate of Genicularia sp. with a 10-3 dilution concentration. The results showed that the three fungi of Genicularia sp, Fusarium sp and Aspergillus sp can inhibit the hatching of eggs Ae. aegypti. Effective isolates of Genicularia sp can inhibit 97.33% at concentrations of 10-3

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