Supono, Supono (2015) THE EFFECT OF THE BIOFLOC TECHNOLOGY APPLICATION ON THE NONSPECIFIC IMMUNITY AND SURVIVAL RATE OF WHITE SHRIMP. . PROCEEDING : International Conference of Aquaculture Indonesia 2015. pp. 55-60. ISSN 23560800

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Biofloc technology application in aquaculture has a huge potency to improve yields of white shrimp (L. vannamei). Biofloc can be used as an alternative feed for shrimp due to its high nutrition. Biofloc contains bacteria that have peptidoglycan and lipopolysaccharride on their cell walls. Bacteria are able to produce polyhydroxybutyrate. Polyhydroxybutyrate will release 3-hydroxy butyric acid (short chain fatty acid) in the gastro intestinal tract as inhibitor of pathogenic bacteria. The objectives of the research were to study the effect of biofloc technology application on the nonspecific immunity (Prophenoloxidase activity) and survival rate of L. vannamei postlarvae. The experiment was arranged in split plot design in three replicates. The treatments consisted of two factors namely various densities and different aquaculture systems. The aquaculture systems were autotrophic (nonbiofloc) and heterotrophic aquaculture system (biofloc), while densities were 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 PLm-3. The result showed that there was no significant interaction between densities and aquaculture system toward prophenoloxidase activity (nonspecific immunity) and survival rate of L. vannamei. Aquaculture system significantly affected prophenoloxidase activity of L. vannamei. Meanwhile the density only affected survival rate of L. vannamei. The biofloc technology was able to increase the nonspecific immunity of L. vannamei post larvae. Keywords : Biofloc technology, L. vannamei,survival rate, prophenoloxidase activity

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