Saputra, A. D., . and Indriyanto, . and Duryat, . (2016) COMPOSITION, STRUCTURE, AND DIVERSITY OF VEGETATION TYPES IN WATERFALL WIYONO ATAS WAN ABDUL RACHMAN GRAND FOREST PARK. Jurnal Sylva Lestari, 4 (3). pp. 83-96. ISSN ISSN 2339-0913

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ABSTRACT Wan Abdul Rachman Grand Forest Park has a potential of natural resources that can be used as natural attractions. One of the tourism potential is The Waterfall of Wiyono Atas. In addition, plant diversity found around the waterfall also has a potential to support the tourism. The aims of the research was to figure out the composition of plant species, structure of vegetation based on the density of each growth phase, and diversity of plant along the tourism track. The research was conducted in May—June 2015. Vegetation analysis with aterraced plot was employed as sampling method, that was consisting 44 plots which were 22 plots for left track and 22 plots for right track, and the distance between plots was 80 m. The analysis of density, frequency, dominance, important value index, Shannon diversity index, and canopy stratification were used as data analysis. The results showed that the plant composition along the tourism track was made up of 28 species in the left track and 31 species in the right track. The vegetation density of tourism track was classified as high on seedling phase for 11,600 individu/ha, sapling phase 1,880 individu/ha, and it was classified low density on pole phase for 350 individu/ha, and tree phase for 63.64 individu/ha on the left track, while on the right track, vegetatation density was classified as high on seedling phase for 10,900 individu/ha, sapling phase for 1,140 individu/ha, and classified low density on pole phase for 309.09 individu/ha, and tree phase for 86.36 individu/ha. The vegetation former, consist of 5 stratum, ranging from stratum A, B, C, D, and E. The diversity in the tourism track was classified as low, with the value of diversity in the left track of 1.197 and the right track of 1.189. Keywords: composition, diversity, Grand Forest Park, structures

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