Kesuma, M. A., . and Indriyanto, . and Yusnita, . (2017) GROWTH OF DENDROBIUM HYBRID SEDDLINGS ON THREE HOST TREES (AKASIA (Acacia auriculiformis), CEMARA BUNDEL (Cupressus retusa) AND KERAI PAYUNG (Filicium decipiens) ) AND TWO OF POSITION OF PLANT ATTACHMENTS. Jurnal Sylva Lestari, 5 (2). pp. 43-52. ISSN ISSN 2339-0913

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ABSTRACT Dendrobium (Orchidaceae) is one of the most popular orchid genera consisting more than 2000 species, which is widely known for its long vaselife, various, shapes and colors, high frequency of flowering per year and long and flexible stalks, so it is easily assembled for flower arrangements. The objectives of this research was to study the effects of different host trees and position of plant attachment at the tree on growth of Dendrobium seedlings. This experiment was conducted with treatments arranged factorally (3 X 2) in a completely randomized design with three replicates. The first factor was the species of host three consisted of Akasia (Acacia auriculiformis), Cemara Bundel (Cupressus retusa) and Kerai Payung (Filicium decipiens) and the second factor was position of plant attachment on the tree, which consisted of attachment at the bottom ( 0,5 m above ground ) and the upper was ( 1,5 m above ground ). Each experimental unit consisted of two Dendrobium seedlings. The results showed that in general both host trees and position of attachment did not affect number of shoots, number of leaves, plant height and the longest root length. however, different host trees and its interaction with the position of attachment affected the number of roots, resulted in the highest number of roots obtained in Kerai Payung (Fillicium decipiens) at 1,5 m above ground. Keywords: Acacia auriculiformis, Cupressus retusa, host tree, Filicium decipiens, orchid.

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