Indriyanto, . (1991) FUNGSI PEPOHONAN PADA DAERAH PERKOTAAN. Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kehutanan, VII (2). pp. 26-28. ISSN 0216-9525

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In general, city is the centre of all activities, including government activities as well as commerce, industry, tourism, and all activities supporting like traffic lines, train, and airplane. A view of varies ways, city has well environmental quality than village, although in several ways worse. The well ways are health services, school services, and job apportunity, even the suggest that city’s have social statue higher than village’s people. In the city, a lot of worse ways accured. City can be the accumulation place of pollution ways, such pollution of social environment and technical physics of environment. Technical physics of environment in the city, for example are factories, traffic lines, can cause the pollution like air and water pollution, temperature changes, and sound or noisy. Social environment like daily activities (eat, bath, drink, excretion, and garbage) are not in the premises can cause pollution which affect health and aesthetics. For this reason, trees as function as a city reforestation component are able to: (1) reduce noisy, (2) regulate temperature and humidity, (3) reduce air and water pollution, (4) make aesthetics, (5) reduce wind’s velocity (as shelterbelt), and (6) give security of germ-plasm.

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