Prayoga, R. and Indriyanto, . and Riniarti, M. (2019) POLA DISTRIBUSI JENIS MERANTI (Shorea spp.) DI RESORT PEMERIHAN TAMAN NASIONAL BUKIT BARISAN SELATAN. Jurnal Hutan Tropis, 7 (2). pp. 225-232. ISSN 2337-7771

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Pemerihan Resort is one of management unit of Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBSNP). Pemerihan Resort has a variety of plants, including various types of meranti. Currently the data releated to thedistribution of meranti at the Pemerihan Resort of BBSNP is not available, so it is necessary to do research on the distribution of meranti at the Pemerihan Resort BBSNP. The objectives of this research to analyze the distribution pattern of meranti in Pemerihan Resort BBSNP. The method used vegetation analyze with compartement line method and analyzed with Importance Value Index (IVI) and Coefecient of Distribution (CD). The results of this research showed inthe research sites was dominated by Shorea hopeifolia with Importance Value Index (40.96%).While other meranti species likeShorea javanica, Shorea leprosula, Shorea multiflora, Shorea ovalis, Shorea ovata, Shorea palembanica, and Shorea parvifoliahas a low dominance level (0.80 – 7.83%). Distribution pattern of7 species of meranti is a clumped i.eShorea hopeifolia, Shorea javanica, Shorea leprosula, Shorea multiflora, Shorea ovalis, Shorea ovata, Shorea parvifolia and Shorea palembanicawhich had a random distribution pattern. Keywords: distribution pattern; meranti; pemerihan resort; TNBBS

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