Susanti, Emilia and Raisa Monica, Dona The Model of Handling Cases of Violence Against Women Based on Local Wisdom of Lampung People. Shield International Conference all right reserved. ISSN 9786020860114 (Submitted)

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Violence against women has now become a national and international strategic issue. Formation of violence against women formally is based on the Criminal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code through the criminal justice system mechanism. But in its implementation in the majority of indigenous communities in Indonesia, especially in Lampung indigenous communities, handling cases of violence against women is actually done through local wisdom mechanisms through customary institutions. Violence against women in Lampung society and several indigenous peoples in Indonesia in addition to violating state law is also a violation of customary criminal law. In Lampung traditional law, this matter is regulated in Cepalo. In Lampung's local wisdom, violence against women also means humiliating the large family of women victims of "piil pesenggiri", therefore handling cases must involve all parties ranging from victims, perpetrators, families, community leaders, traditional leaders and village officials. The handling of cases of local wisdom based on Lampung community is closely related to the concept of criminal mediation through a restorative justice approach, where the recovery of victims and peace are the main objectives. In the perspective of criminal law reform, regulations need to be made that elaborate local wisdom, especially the people of Lampung in handling violence against women, namely through the affirmation and registration of a peace certificate to the court so that it is expected to have force. Furthermore, the diversion method in juvenile justice can also be used as a model for handling cases of violence against women, especially cases of minor violence such as mild domestic violence, sexual harassment without physical contact. In the future, it is necessary to strictly regulate the authority of discretion carried out by the police in setting aside cases of violence against women.

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Subjects: K Law > K Law (General)
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Date Deposited: 18 Nov 2019 08:19
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