Dwi Yulianti, Dwi and Herpratiwi, Herpratiwi and Agustina Ellyana, Agustina (2016) THE DEVELOPMENT OF CURRICULUM ASPECTS. International Research Clinic and Electronic & Mobile learning Seminar in Educational Technology. ISSN 978-602-73030-1-0

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Achievement of the objectives of lectures by Degeng (1989) was influenced by variable of condition and learning systems. Variable condition includes 1) The Characteristic of students, 2) Subjects, and 3) The existing obstacle. Second grade Student in PPs TP FKIP Unila have different characteristic in the major that they take in previous grade. There are educated in many majors such as S1 in medicine, obstetrics, pure mathematics, economics, education and others. But behind those diversity postgraduate student in PPs TP FKIP Unila has similarity according to their jobs that they were working in the Education field. That means they have different prior education before take a course in Curriculum Development and Learning System. Differences in their previous major need to be handled by giving help for students who did not take the Education major in their previous education, so they can follow the lecture according to the contract that has been taken. The next variable condition is the characteristic in the subject of curriculum development and learning system. For postgraduate student in PPs TP FKIP Unila it has much differences according to the same subject in other PPs. This main subject has specific program in coherence among hierarchies, structural and combination of curriculum,development, and its relation to the learning system. Because of that we need the tools that able to handle lecture contents with some characteristic in question. Based on objective analysis of lectures, variable of student characteristic and variable of subject characteristic, can be assumed that we need learning tools for curriculum development that have prior knowledge of curriculum contents and its relation to learning systems, development that presented by hierarchy, structural or combination. But, the tools that we mean are not available yet. Because of that we need to develop our education tools that can reach the target to make maximal lectures. The aim of the research is to develop our education tools according to curriculum development which is suitable for postgraduate students TP FKIP Unila characteristic, make proper subject characteristic, and to handle the existing obstacle. To reach it we develop and use model R & D that have several stages in usage for example product trials. The activities includes personal test, small group test, field trials, and socialization in Lampung Province. The development will produce textbook which is have validity content that appropriate for lectures, reading level, and attractiveness with good category. Key note: curriculum development, education tecnology

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