Tjiptaningrum, Agustyas and Timan, Ina S. (2010) Reference Value of Fecal Alpha 1- Antitrypsin Concentration in Children of 1-5 Years Old. In: The 11th International Congress of Asian Network for Clinical Laboratory Standardization and Harmonization and the 5th National Meeting of Indonesian Association of Health Laboratory, 28-30, September 2010, Jakarta.


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Reference Value of Fecal Alpha 1- Antitrypsin Concentration in Children of 1-5 Years Old A Tjiptaningrum, Ina S Timan Department of Clinical Pathology University of Indonesia, Cipto Mangunkusumo Referral Hospital Introduction. Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT-1) is 52 kDa glycoprotein and produced primarily by hepatocyte. Its function is blocking of human neutrophil elastase (HNE). Concentration of serum AAT-1 is 2-5 g/L. Physiologically, it can be found in stool as a result of intestinal cell turn over and paraseluler plasm protein transport by passive diffusion in tight junction. It can be used as marker of protein losing enteropathy because its molecular weight is similar with albumin but its half life time is shorter. In addition, AAT-1 can‟t be destroyed by proteolytic enzyme in intestinal, and not absorbed or secreted actively in intestinal. There are different values of fecal AAT-1concentration from several studies. Interpretation of FAAT-1 concentration needs reference value. This can be established by observation quantitavely in normal subject. Nowday, there is no reference value for FAAT- 1 concentration in children with 1-5 years old at Indonesia. This study aimed to establish reference value for FAAT-1 concentration in children with 1-5 years old in Clinical Pathology Departement of RSCM. 77 Proceedings of the 11th International Congress of ANCLS and the 5th IAHL National Meeting 2010 Material and methods. This was a cross-sectional study that was performed at Gastrohepatoenterology division in Clinical Pathology Departement and Pediatric Departement of RSCM from July-November 2007. Stool sample was from children who came in Posyandu at Pasar Minggu. Fecal AAT-1 was examined by ELISA method using α1 antitrypsin ELISA kit from immundiagnostik. Result. The FAAT-1 concentration in children 1-5 years old has mean 23,83 mg/dL. The reference value is 23.83 ± 9.63 mg/dL. There is no different value between male and female children. Conclusion. Reference value of FAAT concentration in children 1-5 years old, using α1 antitrypsin ELISA kit, is 4,56 - 43,10 mg/dL. Keywords: Fecal alpha-1antitrypsin, protein losing enteropathy

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