Fitria, None and Widodo, Soesiladi E. and Kamal, Muhammad and Karyanto, Karyanto and Zulferiyenni, None (2019) Pengaruh 1-Methylcylopropane, Paket Perlakuan Pascapanen, dan Suhu Simpan terhadap Masa Simpan dan Mutu Buah Manggis. In: Seminar Nasional Pengembangan Wilayah Lahan Kering, Tema: Pengembangan Lahan Kering Berkelanjutan, 9-10 September 2019, Ballroom Emersia Hotel, Bandar Lampung. (In Press)

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Abstract. Mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana L.) is a climacteric fruit with a short shelf-life and rapid decline in fruit quality, so proper postharvest handling is needed to extend its fruit shelf-life and slow changes in fruit quality. Fruit postharvest handling includes the application of anti-ethylene 1-methylcyclopropane (1-MCP), postharvest treatment packages (14% KD-112 + plastic wrapping, and 2.5% chitosan + plastic wrapping) and low temperatures. This study aimed to determine the single effect of the application of anti-ethylene 1-MCP compound, fruit treatment packages, storage temperature, and their combination, and get the best treatment to increase the shelf-life and maintain the quality of the mangosteen fruit. Postharvest treatment was applied to stage II mangosteen (yellowish green fruit skin) and observation was terminated when the mangosteen fruit reached stage VI (dark purple fruit skin). The results showed that (1) the application of anti-ethylene 1-methylcyclopropane (1-MCP) had no significant effect on fruit shelf-life, was able to inhibit a decrease in free acid content of mangosteen fruit by 0.09–0.13 g/100 g, but did not affect other fruit quality variables; (2) fruit treatment package could extend the fruit shelf-life by 11 days longer and reduce the fruit weight loss by 4-5% lower than control and able to maintain mangosteen fruit quality, (3) the storage of mangosteen at a low temperature of 16-18 °C could extend the fruit shelf-life by 10 days longer than the control and was able to maintain mangosteen fruit quality; (4) The best treatment for the export of mangosteen fruit was the combination of 1-MCP of 1 g MCP powder/30 ml water, treatment package of 2.5% chitosan + plastic wrapping, and low storage temperatures of 16-18 ºC which was able to prolong the fruit shelf-life by 24 days longer than controls and was able to maintain the quality of the mangosteen fruit.

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Date Deposited: 14 Nov 2019 10:57
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