Herlina, Idra and Simanjuntak, Wasinton and Rilyanti, Mita and Safitra, Edwin (2019) PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND CATALYTIC ACTIVITY OF SULFATED SUGARCANE BAGASSE SILICA (SiO2/SO3 -H+) FOR COCONUT OIL TRANSESTERIFICATION. Rasayan Journal of Chemistry, 12 (3). pp. 1595-1600. ISSN 0974-1496 | e-ISSN: 0976-0083

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In this study, silica extracted from sugarcane bagasse was converted into sulfated silica SiO2/SO3 -H+ by impregnating the silica with sulfuric acid to produce sulfated silica. The sulfated silica was then subjected to calcination at varied temperatures, and subsequently analyzed using Fourier Transform Infrared, Scanning Electron Microscope, and X-Ray Diffraction. The catalytic activity of the sulfated silica was tested for transesterification of coconut oil, and the reaction product was analyzed using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy. The Fourier Transform Infrared results indicate the presence of absorption band at of 1126.43 cm-1, which is associated with S=O group, in sulfated silica spectrum, while in the original silica, this band is not detected. This difference between the spectra confirms that the silica was successfully converted into sulfated form. The silica and sulfated silica were found to have similar X-ray difractograms and fit very well with the X-ray difractogram of standard amorphous silica (JCPDS No. 29-0085), confirming the existence silica and sulfated silica as amorphous materials. Characterization using SEM shows the presence of irregular granules on the surface, which is in agreement with amorphous structure as seen by the XRD. Analysis of the transesterification product using GC-MS reveals that the product is composed of methyl esters of the fatty acids composing coconut oil commonly reported, suggesting that the sulfated silica produced possess catalytic activity as expected.

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